My love for art began at a young age. My dream has always been to be an influencer when it came to art. I am very passionate about pets and found that I really enjoyed painting them in a crazy bold style and I want to share that with anyone who would like to learn.  My family members are very artistic and encouraging. My inspirational instructors over the years offered support and enlightenment and guided me to success. Having worked decades in the graphic design arena, I have skills and experience in many areas. I am proficient in Adobe CC, as well as catalog, print, trade show, sign (previous owner of a sign shop), vehicle wraps, as well as multimedia, animation, and web. I am passionate about graphic design and illustration, and with that, comes the drive for continued education in the ever-changing design industry. I have an Associates degree in Multimedia Graphic Design with certificates in illustration, web, print, design etc. I am pursuing a BFA. My passion at the moment is to give the gift of art! Count your Blessings and Master Your Piece today! Master Your Peace as well!

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