This list represents some of my favorites. You can certainly choose the colors and supplies you already have or like.

Cad Red Dark
Cad Orange
Cad Yellow
Ulramarine Blue
Prussian Blue
Burnt Umber
Chromium Oxide Green
Quin Red
Diox Purple
Cerulean Blue
Medium Magenta
Cobalt Turquoise
Titanium White
RICH BLACKS To mix my darks, I use a few different mixtures.Tried and true is red and greenUltramarine Blue and Van Dyke Brown is a favorite Turquoise and Cad Red blends nicelyI love Purple, so I often have a dark string of mixed blues and purples
AGAIN, these are the colors I use, and the possibilities and combinations are endless. You can purchase a variety of different quality sets 
See images and links below or deals as I see them, I will post for your convenience! 


Three or more Large 1 to 1.5 inch brushes for acrylic and varied size brushes 

Pre stretched Canvas’ or canvas boards 

Wet Palette (Recommended to extend your paint) (There are several brands or you can fashion your own- I like Mastersons see below for link to one that’s on sale on amazon) 

Thick or heavy body acrylic paint tubes Golden Liquitex or Masters Touch

Palette knife for mixing

Squirt bottle with peroxide to prevent mold
Squirt bottle with water to moisten sponge frequently
Rags, Q-tips and clean water bowl
Reference photo – preferably well lit photo and a copy enhanced hi lo

Projector or a plan to grid out or freehand draw your sweet pet!

Again, Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about your painting. E-mail: countyourblessings@masteryourpieceor reach out on the Facebook Group Master Your Piece.


Masterson Wet Palette Link CLICK IMAGE BELOW This one is for acrylics!
Masterson Wet Palette Link CLICK IMAGE BELOW This one can be used for acrylics, oils or watercolors!
Liquitex Acrylic Set Link CLICK IMAGE BELOW
Golden Acrylic Tubes CLICK IMAGE BELOW
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