Master Your Piece Terms of Service Agreement

This contract is an agreement to participate, at the purchasers pace, in the prerecorded and/or LIVE weekly painting sessions based on the purchasers level of membership.
1. If you choose the $79.00 COURSE, you can watch the Lessons as well as participate in the FREE community on Facebook.

2. If you chose the Subscription you are eligible for the COURSE, the FREE community on Facebook as well as the Weekly LIVE painting sessions which will, when time allows, for some additional time for Q&A. 

BONUS:Additional courses added later will be at no charge to you, as well as occasional giveaways and extra LIVE sessions and Q&A sessions.

All Sales are Final. We do not have a refund policy on prerecorded courses or on the annual subscription. If you join the month to month payment plan option and then choose to cancel at any time, your payments will end on the next billing cycle after your cancellation. Master Your Piece will offer support and guidance as much as possible to ensure that you get complete satisfaction from the lessons and community support. Q&A will be available through the Facebook community as well as through email at

Notice: Master Your Piece’s (HippArt) productions are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other nations. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution or exhibition may result in severe civil and criminal liability. This video series, the art that is created and the courses within it MAY NOT be reproduced, broadcast, loaned, rented or performed in public. It MAY NOT be used in any institution, including schools and libraries, without the authorization and compensation of the producers. 

I want YOU to be successful, and I will make every effort to help you succeed at painting your pet.

This course is yours to keep for life, and your access to it will not expire. If you are using this for a class, or activity, please make sure to register each person, as they can later access it for themselves, as well as partake in the community and feedback on THEIR art. (See me directly at with questions and group rates as I may be able to apply a discount for multiples)
Additional private courses will be available on a first come first served basis for an hourly rate.

Get your ‘Gratitude Counting” to God, inspiration and paintbrushes flowing! 

I will unapologetically mention God the Father, His son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as well as scriptures.
IMHO HE is the driving force in all of our creativity and art. You might see it as luck or mother nature or other greater entity, and that is your right, just as it is mine. For me and my house, we will worship the Lord. Joshua 24:15.
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